What Is Your Type?

What's your type? On In Bed with Simon this week, Simon asked the couples on his bed questions to determine what their type is and then we talked about it on our show! What's your type? Answer the questions below! And to check out all of the past episodes of In Bed with Simon click here In Bed With Simon

If your preferred sex is Men:

·      Suit or jeans?

·      Beard or clean shaven?

·      Man bun or buzz cut?

·      Sporty or nerdy? 

·      Smart or funny?

·      Tattoo or clean?


If you're preferred sex is Women:

·      Sexy librarian or stripper?

·      Long hair or short hair?

·      Makeup or natural?

·      Rich or hot?

·      Smart or funny?

·      Fake or natural?

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