Is Your Partner Just Like Your Parent?

Is your Partner just like their Parent?

On tonight's edition of the Not So Newlywed Game, we're going to ask Angi and her husband Jason to tell us how each other is just like their parent - this should be interesting... 

A lot of times, we end up acting like our parents without even realizing it. It's a subconscious thing and we end up mimicing little things that we've seen all of our lives. This may cause a problem in our relationships, especially if the things that we do that are just like our parents are things that annoy our partner. 

We'll explore that tonight on The Rendezvous, but did you know that we actually subconsciously look for a partner who is just like our parent? Check out this study to find out why Our Attraction To Partners Who Look Like Our Parents

What does your partner do that is just like their parent that drives you crazy? Tell us in the comments below.

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