5 Love Languages Quiz

There are 5 universal ways that all people express and interpret love. They are the tools you feel you personally need to know when you are loved. 

1. Words of affirmation- Hearing I love you and compliments are what they value the most. 

2. Quality Time - Unlike the words of affirmation language, talk is cheap. They want your undivided attention. 

3. Receiving gifts- They like to receive tangible gifts. Not to say they are materialistic but to know that you were thinking about them when you got the gift. 

4. Acts of service- People who speak the language of service want their partner to recognize that their life is rough and help them out in any way possible. Lending a helping hand shows you really care. 

5. Physical touch-To this person, nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch. That doesn't mean only in the bedroom — everyday physical connections, like hand-holding, kissing, or any type of re-affirming physical contact is greatly appreciated. 

Find out your love language here! Love Language Quiz

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