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August Is National Romance Awareness Month!

posted by Tricia Pepe - 

There's a "National ______ Day" for just about everything now. Coffee, cats, taco day and my personal favorite, National Margarita day. But did you know that the month of August is National Romance Awareness month? An ENTIRE month is dedicated to romance. Which makes you think what's the big deal? 

According to a recent survey by dating site Zoosk.com of about 2,300 Americans — both singles and coupled-up folks — 78 percent of us consider romance in a relationship "very important." Interestingly enough, 34 percent of Americans consider summer vacation the most romantic occasion, beating out Valentine's Day (at 24 percent). How timely! 

Here at The Rendezvous we want to know what is or what could someone do that would be the MOST romantic thing to you! Let us know in the comments below! 


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