Are You Feeling Jitters or Cold Feet Ahead of Your Wedding?

There is a difference between having pre-wedding jitters and full on cold feet.

This test by therapist Jennifer Gauvain, co-author of “How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy,” can help you determine if your jitters are something to be concerned about:

You are feeling nervous about your wedding. Which of the following best describes the source of your concerns?
a. Planning the wedding and reception
b. Giving up my life as a single person
c. Giving up my life as a single person and the stress of planning the wedding and reception
d. My relationship with my fiance
If you answered ‘a,’ ‘b’ or ‘c,’ you probably just have jitters. If you answered ‘d,’ you probably have cold feet. Consider this: If you could walk away right now and cancel the wedding, free of fear, guilt, embarrassment and a loss of money, would you do it? If you would, then this is not just normal pre-wedding jitters.

And, if you DID answer 'D' - here are some tips you can use to help get your relationship back to a good place before tying the knot.

Talk to your partner

Maybe they're feeling a similar hesitance. Remember, this person is supposed to be your life partner, if you can't share something like this with them - maybe you need to get out before it's too late.

Go to therapy

Even if you're flying solo to the therapist's couch, a qualified psychologist can help you manage your stress and anxieties to help you figure out if your concerns are normal or a sign of deeper conflict in your relationship.

Get out of the house

Go do SOMETHING else that doesn't involve wedding planning, work, other stressors, etc - if you can go for an independent hike or take a weekend to yourself, it'll give you a chance to miss your partner and reset your head.

Talk to trusted friends

Friends who have known you and your partner may have a less emotional connection to your relationship and can give you a clearer picture of what you may not appreciate about your partner.