Fun Things Couples Can Do During Quarantine

Have you seen the news out of China that a bunch of couples came out of mandatory quarantine and immediately filed for divorce? Well, we DO NOT want that to happen to you! Here are some fun things for couples to do when they're stuck at home social distancing.


Playing cards and board games give you a fun thing to do so you're actually interacting and not just staring at the tv. Hopefully you have some on hand but if you don't, there are plenty of games you can look up how to play with a simple deck of cards.


Cooking together can be a fun, new way to get intimate. Go through some old cookbooks or look up new recipes online, shop (safely and as best you can) and get in the kitchen together.


There are tons of games you can play together where you're on the same team battling others or get competitive and go up against each other. Either way, playing video games can be an enjoyable way to spend time together.


First, try to be safe and not get hurt, the hospitals are busy enough. Also, be mindful of any downstairs neighbors if you're in an apartment or condo - they're likely stuck in the same situation as you and don't want any pounding from overhead. That said, get your heart rate going and spike your endorphins! It'll bond you and you'll feel great in the process.


So many people are stressed out right now - adult coloring books have been known to decrease stress so grab your colored pencils. If you don't have anything like that lying around you can also just draw, paper and pencil or even cut up some old magazines and make a collage.


Get with your partner and come up with a list of lifetime goals that you'd both like to achieve in your lifetime. They don't have to be couple goals, they can be personal as well. They don't have to be huge lofty goals like buying a house - it can be as mundane as 'bake a pie from scratch' or 'run a marathon'. You'll be surprised how much you can learn about your partner's interests by doing this.

How are you and your partner passing the time stuck indoors?

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