8 Signs You're The Toxic One In Your Relationship


Are you in a toxic relationship? Here are eight ways to tell if you're the one with the problems. 

1. You're Manipulative

Using lies to control your partner creates irreparable damage.

2. You're a Debbie Downer

Insecurity leads to over-analyzing and negativity.

3. You're Always Threatening To Break Up

If you're using threats to get your partner in line, that isn't a solution.

4. You're Hot-Headed

Getting angry and saying things you don't mean is a vicious cycle.

5. You never Fix Problems

Sweeping things under the rug ensures the issue will pop up down the road.

6. You're Addicted To Social Media

Your need for validation from others can cause tension for your partner

7. You Lose Friendships Quickly

If you've burned a lot of bridges, the issue may be you. 

8. You Avoid Conflict

It creates a rule that neither of you can engage unless it's positive

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