Tinder Tips

You're on tinder for 3 reasons: 

  • Looking for love
  • Looking to hook up 
  • Play games with people because you're bored

This isn't for people who fall in the 3rd category, the first 2 just need to know that those types of people are out there and should cut their losses when they run into them.

A couple rules before breaking down down what you're looking for: 

  • Don't write a book unless it ABSOLUTELY CALLS FOR IT
    • If you're trying to take her on a date at a later point save the details for that. & if you're trying to hook up nobody cares
  • Tinder is all about lowering your level of creepy
    • Outside of the pictures and "It's a match!" you're still meeting someone completely random so don't be weird
  • The hardest part is starting the conversation. After that, you're golden pony boy
  • Think. Don't be stupid. At the end of the day you're just texting
  • oh, and girls HATE grammatical errors. As they should. Know the difference between there/their/they're or to/too/two and your/you're

Great. so...


If you're looking for a relationship I'd start by saying tinder isn't the best app. A little superficial considering you're judging a match entirely off someone's looks & bio's have a character limit too. The constructs of this app don't really allow you to get to know someone off their profiles but hey, that's what talking is for. 

Getting to know someone on here is all about your long game HOWEVER you still have to close i.e. get her number. 

  • Don't ever just say "Hey." She can text her mom if she wants a "hey." Not to mention that's just as weird as saying hey to someone you don't know in real life. 
  • Crack a joke. Break the Ice. Become Approachable. 
    • Have fun with it. Let her know you're fun(ny). This way she'll want to hang out with you
  • Go thru her profile. Find common interests. Ask a question that requires more than yes or no
  • Once the ball is rolling, like I said don't text a book. If she wanted to read she'd get a Kindle. Save the in depth stuff for the actual date
  • CLOSE - once you feel like you've talked enough and gotten to know each other to where it's not weird, ask her out. This is all about the flow of the conversation. Could span over several days, could be done in an hour. However long it takes - GIRLS WANT TO SEE YOU CLOSE. Confidence is a dying art so even if you don't have any, fake it till you make it (and if she says no report her and start over. JK). I personally don't like to do dinner on the first date but that's up to you. Either go for a drink or take her to something she's into that you talked about earlier (concert, greek fest, anything with a lot of people around). From there you're the captain


This is the fun part. Everything is quick and concise. Not for the weak hearted. And remember you matched so she already thinks you're cute. Now if she seems like she's also just looking to hook up, jump right in. Some girls aren't that forward though so you gotta kick some game to her. 

  • Be Direct but funny
    • "Damn you cute" "thank you" and when she says nothing after that play around with it. "umm.. pretty sure I just gave you a compliment.. where are your manners?" or "you're not gonna give me a compliment back :)"
      • Smileys always help when you're unsure if you're coming off like a jerk. similar to an "lol" but don't use lol. 
  • The new to the area or new in town guy always works
    • Be my first friend here, my travel guide, etc. That'll get her talking about where she lives and some of the things she likes to do. Good segue way to lets get dinner/chill
    • If you're traveling Tinder is SO EASY. Invite her to your hotel. Girls love hot tubs
  • Pick up lines
    • Some are born with it, others use google
  • Lead the conversation. Flirt hard and find out what her threshold is. Like in the movie Ted when he's flirting with the cashier. He kept it sexual but didn't cross the line...until he did but that's exactly how tinder works (remember don't be creepy). 
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