You Can't Date Me If...

You cant date me if...  The hashtag #YouCantDateMeIf was trending on twitter, so we talked about it on air too! What would be your #youcantdatemeif ?

Here's a list of some that we found and talked about

You Can’t Date Me If . . .

·        You smell like cigarettes.

·        You act like Sammi from Jersey Shore.

·        You’re going to act like you’re single.

·        If you disrespect your mom.

·        If you say “let’s talk to each other till we fall asleep.”

·        If your parents are always going to be in our relationship too.

·        If you still keep in touch with your exes DAILY.

·        If you take our private arguments public.

·        If you’re consistently pointing out my flaws.

·        If you have Baby Momma Drama.

·        If you’re trying to change me.

·        If you are too cool to dress up for Halloween.

·        If you’re beautiful with an ugly attitude.

·        If you don’t know the difference between your and you’re.

·        If I can’t pronounce your name.

·        If you don’t know the meaning of the word “Swag.”

·        If I treat you like a priority and you treat me like an option.

·        If you’re shorter than me.

·        If you can’t make me smile when I’m down.

·        If all you like to do is stay in the house.

·        If you have fake brand name items.

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