In France, Exclusivity Starts at the First French Kiss!

In France, Exclusivity starts at the first french kiss!

You know how in America, you never really know if you're exclusive with someone until after you have the DTR (Define the Relationship) Talk? 

Well, in France, there's no such thing because exclusivity is assumed afer you French Kiss someone for the first time. In French culture, if you French kiss someone, you wouldn't go out with anyone else after that until it is decided that the relationship is over. There is no dating multiple people at once, you just date until it's over and then you date someone else.

In a lot of ways this makes dating easier since you know where you stand with someone without even having to talk about it, but in other ways, it also seems like a lot of pressure.

Simon will explain more about exclusivity in France and other culture differences tonight on the show.

What do you think of exclusivity starting at the first French Kiss? Tell us in the comments below.

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