How to Combat Boredom in Your Relationship

Let me just say this right off the bat, boredom in your relationship is TOTALLY NORMAL! Don't take it as a sign that you need to break up or that you're not compatible. At some point, in every relationship, couples will feel like they've had every conversation and done every thing and may get the urge to turn to someone new for excitement. I'm here to tell you that you don't have to do that - you can spice up your relationship and in turn, spice up you life. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to bring the joie de vivre back into your love life.

Binge - watch that is. Start a new show together and don't watch ahead without your partner (that's technically cheating). It's a no brainer way to have something new to talk about that you're both interested in. You can pick something on one of the million streaming services or something new on cable, this way you have a built in date night when your show airs.

Get Personal - If you're feeling bored in your relationship, you might actually be feeling bored with yourself. Sometimes you have to upgrade your inner self in order to feel good about how you interact with your partner.

Plan an Adventure - it doesn't have to be something expensive or intense but planning a future event that you can both look forward to will give your coupling something new to talk about and get excited for. It can be a date night, or a movie/dvd release, something as simple as trying a new recipe together can make a huge difference.

Be Silly - I can't stress this enough. Never stop the little things you do to be silly. A funny face while passing in the hallway, a little tickle if they're in your way in the kitchen, texting them a meme to break up their workday - all fo these are great ways to sprinkle some fun into your relationship that take minimal effort.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - No, I'm not talking skydiving (unless you both want to do that!) but something as simple as trying a new restaurant or going to the next town over for date night can break you out of a rut. Trying something new like taking a pottery class or and getting out of your comfort zone gives you something new to talk about and can breathe new life into your relationship. Solo or together, it's never a bad idea to mix it up.

The overall point here is to just make an effort. Falling into routine provides the security and stability people need to feel comfortable and confident in their relationships but over time, the routine can feel like a rut. Have an honest conversation with yourself and your partner if you're feeling bored and figure out a way to bring some fun and excitement back into your lives. Let us know in the comments below some of the ways you and your partner have found a way to break out of your same old routine and how it worked out for you!