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Listener Morgan's Twin Sister Likes A Guy That Likes Her
Listener Lou's Date Asked Him To Call Her Names During The 'Ooh Lala'
Listener Todd's Girl Told Him No "Ooh Lala" For 90 Days
Listener Cat Goes On Tinder After Fights With Her Husband
Listener Oscar Hooked Up With A Co-Worker and Then Got Friendzoned
Listener Chase's Date Wants To Bring A Friend On The First Date
Listener Justin Wants To Know How To Get His Clothes Back From His Ex
Listener Erin Wants A Baby But Her Husband Doesn't Like...
Listener Paulina's Husband Wants A Hot-tub
Listener Rocco Has Fallen Out Of Love With His GF But Feels...
Listener Ryan Wants To Know How To Win His Girlfriend Back
Listener Eve's Boyfriend Flirts With Other Women In Front Of Her


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